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Collection | Pashima Shawls

We are proud to present to you our very rare and extremely exclusive line of Charkha Pashmina shawls.

The Charkha Pashmina is an authentic pashmina product handcrafted by master craftsmen who have passed down this great art for centuries.

Our Pashmina has the finest graded hair sheared in a very delicate non-harmful manner from goats that live in extremely high altitudes.

The hairs are then sorted to find the absolute finest and best quality ones and then those are hand spun into finest of pashmina yarn over traditional charkha spinning wheel.

The yarns are then warped and woven over handloom by our master weavers into exquisite one of a kind shawls.

Each of our Charkha Pashmina’s are unique in itself in terms of weave, forecasted digital prints, hand embellishment with silk thread and of course, in terms of authentication when sealed by the Indian government and packed in there customized box.